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(left-right) Jordan Miller, Clare Woodhead, Tara Brennan, Allyson McCalla, Bari Freeman, Alice Cialella.



What started as a personal effort to stay out of her car during Newport’s busy summer season became a full-time effort to help Newport become the bicycle friendly community it is destined to be. After two years as a volunteer coordinator, and thanks to the generosity of local foundations and funders, Bari became the Executive Director of Bike Newport in 2012. She brings to Bike Newport more than 25 years of experience in the non-profit sector where she worked to build collaborations and to optimize resources. Bari has led initiatives on women’s health, civil rights, and financial services regulation, before turning her focus to bicycle advocacy. Now it’s all about getting more folks to choose bikes for local transportation – no parking, no quarters, and no spandex required!


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Tara has had a longterm relationship with the City by the Sea – having attend Salve Regina as both an undergraduate (BA, ’92) and most recently as a graduate student in the Humanities (Ph.D.) program.  In the years following her undergraduate worked in the hospitality industry here in Newport and in Vermont. She then shifted gears and entered academia, teaching at the college level for over a decade. And now…

Tara is passionate about non profit development work and with a renewed love of biking she ready to kick it into high gear and put her all of her energy into developing the future potential of Bike Newport!


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Alice is new to Rhode Island with a huge enthusiasm for biking, hiking, running, and generally being active outdoors. She still remembers the incredible freedom she felt the first time she rode her bike “out of the neighborhood” as a kid. In adulthood she has enjoyed many different racing events in water, on wheels, and on foot. She is
thrilled to be part of a movement to get more people from across the state and all socioeconomic statuses out on bikes – safely.
As the recent chair of the Environmental and Climate Sciences Department at
Brookhaven National Laboratory on Long Island, Alice developed her ability to skillfully manage projects and people. At Brookhaven, she spent nearly 25 years working on efforts to better understand global climate change. She was fortunate to live for 6 months in bike-friendly Stockholm and is proud to have reduced her carbon footprint during that time by never driving a car. Now she is looking forward to channeling her energy and passion towards a mission she firmly believes in for the Rhode Island Waves campaign.

Feel free to contact Alice at alice@bikenewportri.org, (401) 619-4900 or sign-up to receive the RI Waves email alerts.


Stop, look and wave at Allyson! A native Newporter who has ridden bikes throughout Newport her entire childhood, and has always been involved within the community. She has worked within the Human Services field for the past 18 years, and brings more than a decade of outreach and management experience to Bike Newport. She is excited to be a part of the Bike Newport’s team, and believes in our mission. “Bike Newport is an organization that our community, and all communities need: A safer, encouraging, healthy, and friendly biking experience!”


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Jordan Miller is a long-time community organizer and educator. He brings more than a decade each of management and education experience to Bike Newport. Jordan is a gifted program facilitator and public speaker and has worked on many activist campaigns. A musician, gardener, writer, and free-lance academic, Jordan is excited to get to work making Newport a better, safer, more enjoyable place to live, work, and play.



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Clare has been riding for as long as she can remember and brings 20 years of experience in education, social media management and nonprofit organizations to Bike Newport. She’s ridden in triathlons, long distance rides and completed her first century last year. Whether it’s commuting, longer distance road biking or trail riding, Clare loves to be out on her bike. From the UK, Clare brings experience of bike friendly cities and extensive travel and is looking forward to using her experience to further Bike Newport’s mission.

Clare is looking forward to making a difference, getting Newport on the map as a bike friendly city and getting more people on bikes. “It’s an exciting time for cities and there’s so much potential for Newport to get everyone involved in choosing bikes over cars and making Newport’s streets safer.”


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Bike Garage Coordinator

Nate Giblin has been an outdoor enthusiast his whole life. He moved to Newport four years ago after completing the Appalachian Trail, to ride pedicabs for the summer – and soon fell in love with pedal powered transportation and the City of Newport. What was supposed to be a temporary summer job turned into a permanent relocation and a new way of life!]


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Bike Garage Educator and Student Mentor

Photo by Doug Rosander

Art likes working on and riding bicycles.  He is presently a Professor of Oceanography at the Graduate School of Oceanography, URI and has been involved in many areas of earth and planetary science research.  Art has managed bicycle shops and been active in community bicycle organizations all around the country. He is an avid cyclist and enjoys bike touring at any opportunity. He particularly enjoys helping people learn bicycle mechanics by advising them on how to fix their own bikes. At Bike Newport, Art regularly volunteers at the Open Garage and mentors several student interns from the East Bay MET School.

Bike Garage Educator





Bike Garage Educator/ Garaje en Espanol educator




Bike Garage Educator


Peter retired in 2018 from a 30+ year banking career in New York and moved to Newport.  Bicycling has been a life-long passion and he’ll car-rack a bike for most any weekend visit to family and friends elsewhere, proclaiming “…. a bike ride is the best way to discover a city or town, especially early Sunday morning when its populace is sleeping off the prior night out and the streets are empty !”   Peter likes to tinker and repair existing equipment vs. the common impulse to replace anew, particularly where such may benefit others in need and gain a much appreciated 2nd life.  He has volunteered with Habitat and athletic programs for youth and physically disadvantaged and joined Bike Newport’s volunteer crew in 2018 to tap that heart chamber again.   You can find Peter in the Bike Garage 2-3 times a week and talking up Bike Newport around the area to build our network of partners and suppliers for our programs.


Bike Garage Educator/ Garaje en Espanol leader

As a Newporter, Melissa is very keyed into our community’s needs. She is the Garaje en Espanol leader in the Bike Garage providing translations in spanish for anyone who needs it. Come and join her on Thursdays, 4:30-7pm.

Bike Garage Educator

Dani as he prefers being called is a life lover, designer and bike rider. His love for bikes started six years ago when he decided start riding his bike to university during design school.
Dani has lived in Newport for one year and is originally from Medellin, Colombia. As a very friendly and welcoming educator, Dani has been instrumental in starting our Open Bike Garage in Spanish
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Bike Garage Educator

Steve built his first touring bike at the East Quad Bike Co-op in Ann Arbor, Michigan and then promptly road it across the state. He’s since embarked on many longer treks, including a 1000 mile tour from Michigan to Vermont. Steve calls Aquidneck Island home, living in Newport and working as an environmental consultant in Middletown where he’s helping to establish the nation’s first offshore wind farm. He’s never far from the Bike Garage, where he spends many hours getting greasy and lending a hand to others. Steve led the bike brigade that restored a fleet of bikes for visiting ballet dancers to Island Moving Company, where his wife Tara is a principal dancer. Not just a bike geek and windmill junkie, Steve is also a talented graphic designer – creator of the famous Giant Squid of Narraganset Bay that adorns Bike Newport’s signature jersey and many other feisty and fun illustrations for Bike Newport. 


Bike Garage Educator

With six years under his belt at Bike Newport, Brandon is a skilled mechanic and educator, and a wealth of information for Bike Garage participants of every skill level. He started as a high school intern and developed into a staff member. Brandon enjoys sharing his passion for bikes and biking when he teaching safety and riding tips to youth at the Bike Garage. 



Board of Directors

Valerie Larkin is a long-time bicycle enthusiast, going back to her undergraduate days at the University of Pennsylvania, when a bike racing friend coerced her into riding centuries. She first came to Newport in 1980 to work for the Navy and to attend graduate school at Brown University. After moving around Rhode Island for a number of years, she was very happy to return to Newport in 2015, especially because her new home is less than five miles from her office. Since then she has been a dedicated bicycle commuter. Valerie’s particular interest is the integral role that bicycles play in sustainable cities and towns. When not on her bicycle, Valerie enjoys tennis, writing, playing music, and being on the water.


bariLaura Murphy has been working for the Preservation Society of Newport County for 20 years in the retail division. Laura hooked up with Bike Newport when Trudy Coxe, the Director and CEO of the Preservation Society, asked her to represent them at the meetings. She was impressed by the organization and decided to give 100% of her volunteer time to Bike Newport. Laura is an avid horsewoman, but also rides her bike to and from work. When she lived in Washington D.C., the trek was 12 miles each way. Today it is a mere 3 miles to and from work! But as Laura says it relaxes her, gets in her exercise, and takes one more car off the road.


Paul graduated from Providence College with an accounting degree and has lived on Aquidneck Island since 1985 where he first worked with Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) Newport then for NUWC HQ.  He is a past president of the Newport Running Club and was on the race committee for the Thanksgiving Day Pie Run for the first 30 years with the last 15 serving as race director.  No longer running, he is now an avid cyclist and is pleased to join Bike Newport to advocate for improved cycling infrastructure for both recreation and transportation.


IMG_0759 - Version 2 Sarah was a bike commuter early on, biking to school in her hometown of Washington, DC – up to the highest point in the city.  When she lived in Southeast Asia with her family, her fondest memories were biking through the rice paddies and back roads of Vientiane, Laos. Sarah has lived and biked in Colorado Springs, Minneapolis, New York, Baton Rouge, and suburban Baltimore, and was never so inspired to get back on a bike as she was when she moved to Newport with her family five years ago.


Marguerite has been a school nurse teacher for over 25 years on Aquidneck Island and Bristol. As an avid outdoor enthusiast she enjoys biking as a family activity and transportation to work. “Biking enhances our sense of our community, thereby contributing to overall health and wellness. I am excited to be part of Bike Newport.”


Originally from Spain, Lola moved to Rhode Island 14 years ago when she was accepted at URI to study a Masters in Marine Affairs. As a researcher at the Polytechnic University in Barcelona, she has been on a couple of Antartica scientific expeditions and has worked internationally in Latin America on several coastal sustainability and livelihoods projects.  As an oceanographer, Lola loves Newport and being surrounded by this beautiful island and sea. She likes to ride her bike in summer as she used to do in La Mancha, Spain when she was a child. She is committed to coastal conservation and would like to make our city a place where everybody feels proud to belong to. 

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Renee Kaminitz represents her family and their commitment to improving and encouraging safe cycling in Newport and throughout Aquidneck Island. Since her husband Elliot, a much loved and respected local dentist, was killed on his bicycle in 2012, the Kaminitz family has committed themselves to road sharing safety education. Together with Bike Newport, in 2013 the family created the annual Elliot Kaminitz Father’s Day Ride as a signature event to raise awareness of bicycle safety. Renee looks forward to supporting Newport’s cycling community as part of Bike Newport.



Jim Ryan is an attorney with 30+ years of experience as a civil and criminal litigator. He spent much of his career as a criminal prosecutor in NYC and RI, serving as Chief of the Criminal Division in the RI Department of Attorney General for nine years. Biking recreationally is one of the many ways that Jim enjoys Newport.



Chip Young is a communications specialist who has worked on environmental issues for over 30 years. He is President of his own media/government/public relations firm, CY Communications, and is a senior fellow at the URI Coastal Institute. His work has included being P.R. Director for Save the Bay, and involvement with the state’s wind turbine siting off the coast of Rhode Island. He is President of the Board of Directors of ecoRI News, and a widely published journalist and opinion/commentary writer. He has been co-author of the “Phillipe and Jorge’s Cool, Cool World” column for 36 years, now appearing in Motif magazine.


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