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Visit and explore Newport on your bike – less stress and more happiness! Leave your car and get on your bike before you ever get to downtown. You’ll save money and headache and you’ll be on your bike sooner. 

At Bike Newport nothing brightens our day like when we see folks trade their cars for bikes – the cyclist is healthier and happier, the roads are less congested, and our historic city is treated a little more tenderly.

There are popular destinations all over Newport – from Miantonomi Park and the historic Point neighborhood at the north, to Fort Adams and the scenic Ocean Drive at the south, with dozens of parks, shops, galleries, and museums in between. Consider parking your car before you get into the heart of town and into one of our legendary traffic jams. You can wind your way in using our many scenic neighborhoods and boulevards.



NtPf6ZqO5WlZMxB6y_bxp-V_RixqRWAgYmZTVBJTxPAFeel free to park anywhere in Newport where long-term parking is permitted – be sure to check signs for restrictions. Or, you can head straight to our three dedicated “Park n’ Bike” lots:

Note: there are NOT bikes for rent at the Park n’ Bike lots. To rent a bike in Newport, check out our listing of local bike shops.


1. 437 Broadway, Newport

Dates for 2019 TBD

This is a very convenient location if arriving from the Newport bridge or from the north. There is no charge for parking, though donations to Bike Newport are always welcome and will support bike education and road sharing initiatives. Parking is first come, first served.

Driving directions to 437 Broadway parking lot from the Newport Pell Bridge:  Take the 114 North/Fall River/Cape Cod exit off the bridge. (Do not take the downtown Newport exit.) At the end of the ramp, take a left on Admiral Kalbfus Rd. Travel .6 miles and take a right on Broadway, then .3 miles to #437 on the left. Look for a “Park n’ Bike” sign marking the driveway. Park in the lot and ride the 3.7 miles to Fort Adams, looking for the cyclist bike route signs along the way.


6GcXi7P9KoT0DusDk8Q3ijsRRelSGFwDkQQPvFCaaqs2. Newport County YMCA, 792 Valley Road, Middletown

Dates for 2019 TBD

A big “thank you” goes out to our amazing partners at the Y who have offered their third lot (highest up the hill where you’ll see the “Park n’ Bike” signs) for cycling visitors. Please do not park in the first or second lot. There is no charge, and spots are first come, first served.


3. Rogers High School, Newport, Old Fort Entrance

Dates for 2019 TBD – Both parking lots (front and back) 

This parking area located at the high school is very convenient to explore the southern area of Newport. The route to Fort Adams takes approximately 11 minutes by bike. There is no charge for parking, though donations to Bike Newport are always welcome and will support bike education and road sharing initiatives. Parking is first come, first served. A big “thank you” goes out to Rogers High School for this facility.


Look out for these signs indicating the bike route










Use our Newport Bicycle Map to get to know the City and to choose your route along the most suitable roads for bikes. You can find print copies of the map at the Newport Visitor’s Center or our HQ and at hotels, cafés, shops, and event spaces around Newport.

Safety First:

Remember that bicycles must follow the same rules of the road as cars.  This means:

  • Ride in the same direction as cars on all roads, including (and especially!) on our many one-way streets
  • Stop at red lights and stop signs
  • Stay off the sidewalk, unless you are under the age of 13
  • Always yield to pedestrians

Read up on the Rhode Island state laws and Newport city ordinances for bicyclists here.

Don’t have a bike or a car rack? Get those babies on your wish list. In the meantime, you can also rent a bike from one of the island’s many local shops. Bike Newport also offers tandem bike rentals and bike adoption at our Bike Garages, where all funds raised support our educational programs.

Please be aware that Newport in the summer is congested and drivers can be distracted. You should expect heavier traffic during the many summer Festivals. Ride carefully, pay extra attention and play nice with your fellow road users.

Enjoy your stay! And contact us if we can be of help.


Ride safe. Ride happy. Ride! 

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