Bike to Newport Polo


It’s that wonderful time of year again when the sun is shining and Newport Polo is back in action. This year, how about trying something a little different. Ever thought about cycling to Newport Polo? Here’s why you should put your best pedal forward and give it a try…

Newport Polo Season 2019 is June 1- Sept 28.

Why ride to Newport Polo?

  • Arrive by bike to Newport Polo, pass the line-up of cars and get to the front.
  • Reduce traffic congestion and line-up waiting time.
  • Save money – No cost to parking your bike.
  • Bike racks to secure your wheels (Bring a lock)
  • Burn calories
  • Reduce air pollution
  • Feel good – bike happy!
  • Improve your overall physical and mental health.
  • Have fun stomping the divots before a ride home.



Getting There

Not sure what route to take? No problem. At the Bike Newport office we have a map of Newport County, please feel free to pop in to, 62 Broadway (opposite City Hall) and get one before you ride to Polo.

Use this Map My Ride route from Broadway to Newport Polo for a suitable route that isn’t on all main roads.

Alternatively, park at the Newport County YMCA, one of Bike Newport’s Park ‘n Bike locations and bike to Newport Polo.

Live over the bridges? No problem. Use the RI Bridge Bike Shuttle – 3 times a day on Saturdays. Reserve your spot at

Live in Providence? Leave your car at home and have a multi-modal trip by ferry and bike with the Seastreak Newport – Providence ferry.



Rhode Rules

  • Check the road behind you often.
  • Watch out for suddenly opening car doors.
  • Stay in a straight line.
  • Stay alert and read signs. ​
  • Avoid dodging between parked cars.
  • Always use lights at night and early morning.
  • Wear a helmet. REQUIRED up to 15 years old and smart for EVERYONE.
  • Newport is a busy summer destination, be careful of tourist traffic.
  • Please pay attention to all users of the roads – cars, buses, bikes, pedestrians and yachts (you never know).



Don’t forget to lock your bike properly  once you’re there. Many bikes are easily stolen because they are not locked. Your first line of defense is a good lock, properly used. Lightweight cable or chain locks are easily cut and offer little protection. Bike Newport will have bike racks available at Newport Polo. Please use these to secure your bike and to keep all bike in one area. Let’s keep bikes out of the way of people, pets and horses.


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