Economic Benefits of Bicycling


Why should Newport business owners want to cater to cyclists? Because bicycling means business.

Data from around the world proves that cyclists and pedestrians are very valuable to businesses. Whether they are residents or visitors, cyclists can provide a significant boost to Newport’s local economy. Here are some key reasons why:

  • Cyclists are repeat, loyal customers. Customers who arrive by walking and cycling are more frequent and more loyal – they come back again and again. Although they spend less per average visit, they visit more frequently, and ultimately spend more than car-driving patrons. They don’t use parking spaces, and they spend more time without a ticking parking meter.
  • Cycling improves retail visibility. It’s easier to attract shoppers off the street for an impulse visit if they’re traveling by bike or foot, as opposed to whizzing by and not willing to turn around or manage the parking spot search. Plus, the aroma of a restaurant or the details of a clothing display don’t permeate a car window.
  • Cyclists shop closer to home. Instead of heading to big-box stores, shopping malls, or chain restaurants outside of town, cyclists and pedestrians shop where it’s most convenient and most familiar – downtown, shorter distance.
  • Cyclists are healthier employees. Active commuters take fewer sick days and have fewer chronic health problems.

Examples from other cities:

Bicyclists need to be supported by bike-friendly practices – including adequate and appropriate bicycle parking.

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