Bike Classes


Did you know that the number one reason people don’t bike is a lack of confidence riding with motorized traffic? This oft-cited 2009 report by the Portland Bureau of Transportation split up the general population into four types of people who ride bikes: less than 1% were “Strong and Fearless” , 7% were “Enthused and Confident”, 60% were “Interested but Concerned”, and 33% were “No Way No How”.

We are seeking to reach the 60% – those who would like to bike for transportation and recreation in and around Newport, but don’t. These future-cyclists would benefit from the many teachable skills that can improve bike safety, road sharing, and confidence. Are you “Interested but Concerned”, or do you know somebody who might be? Overcome the fear and start down the road to a car-light life by signing up for a class. We offer a variety of educational programs at our Bike Garage locations as well as on-road. Or, gather a group of eight or more and we’ll come to you!

Suggested donation of $20/adult and $5/student for 1-3 hour sessions.


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